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We is one of the top personal injury law companies in the Vaughan region to turn to if you need a lawyers personal injury. For every one of our clients, our personal injury litigation team battles tenaciously and passionately, earning us a stellar reputation in the legal community.

The Following Personal Injury Cases are Handled By Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Vaughan

Dismemberment and amputation

Many prominent and catastrophic incidents result in tragic amputations. These wounds leave a person with a lasting physical mark and emotional and psychological effects that last the rest of their lives. Amputations can frequently result in significant long-term financial obligations. You are entitled to compensation if an accident leads to the amputation or dismemberment of you or a loved one.

Bicycle Mishaps

Despite Ontario’s safety laws, bicycle accidents nevertheless happen often. This results from other drivers’ careless behaviour, dangerous roads, and dangerous bike paths. Accidents involving bicycles can result in grave and catastrophic human harm. These include fatalities, spinal cord injuries, shattered bones, and head traumas. Our bicycle personal injury lawyers Toronto can assist you if you’ve been in a significant cycling accident.

Car Mishaps

Sadly, you never know when you might require the services of a car personal injury lawyers Vaughan. One of Canada’s most frequent causes of injuries and fatalities is motor vehicle accidents. If you were engaged in a major auto accident or hit-and-run event that resulted in brain injury, fractures, lacerations, spinal cord injury, and more, we is here for you. We aim to come to a reasonable settlement for the compensation for the auto accident you deserve.

Continual Pain

Chronic pain is a phrase that describes long-lasting agony brought on by an accident, such as a vehicle crash or other negligent actions by third parties. Cuts and scratches may eventually heal, but persistent discomfort may never disappear. Oure Lawyers can assist if you or a loved one is dealing with chronic pain brought on by an accident.

Head injuries and concussions

You should contact personal injury lawyers in Vaughan Ontario if you require a concussion attorney. With our combined 40 years of expertise, we can assist customers who have suffered mild head injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries. These frequently come from slips and falls brought on by other people’s irresponsibility, sports-related injuries, car accidents, bicycle accidents, and other mishaps.

Disfigurement & Scarring

Scarring and burns have lasting impacts that go beyond the surface. Permanent skin markings detract from one’s look, lowering self-confidence and hurting their emotional health. You have the right to compensation for any scarring and deformity. Our skilled personal injury lawyers team will fight to ensure you obtain a just settlement.

Dog Bite Incidents

According to the Canadian Safety Council, 460,000 dog bite incidences occur annually. Children under 10 make up most of those attacked by dogs. Dog bite victims are entitled to financial compensation for their losses from the dog owner or harbourer, regardless of whether the dog bit them out of fear or to defend their territory.

Motorcycle Accidents

Anyone can be involved in a significant motorcycle accident, resulting in fatalities, catastrophic injuries, crippling injuries, brain injuries, severe orthopedic injuries, and persistent pain. Our team of motorcycle accident lawyers personal injury can assist you in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to if you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault.

Pedestrian Mishaps

When you require a pedestrian accident attorney, our group will assist you in navigating the confusing insurance claims procedure. Going it alone is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. Following a significant pedestrian accident, your top priorities should be rest and recovery. When you engage with us, we’ll battle mightily to secure the financial compensation you require for a pedestrian accident.

Accidents in Recreational Vehicles

People ride and drive recreational vehicles year-round and occasionally are involved in accidents. You should get compensation if someone else caused the accident. You can also be qualified for Statutory Accidents Benefits. Accidents involving recreational vehicles may be complicated. Most take place on their property. It is crucial to contact an ATV accident attorney right away. You can talk about the mishap and its effects in this way.

Severe Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries are among the most frequent wounds patients sustain in accidents. However, severe orthopedic injuries can negatively influence a person’s quality of life in catastrophic events. GTA personal injury lawyers is dedicated to obtaining total compensation for your losses while giving you the caring attention and assistance you need each step of the road.

Slip-and-Fall Mishaps

Falling is more common than you would imagine. Many of their victims suffer severe, and occasionally permanently altering, injuries. Poor sidewalk design, inadequate winter maintenance, or broken stairwells can all result in a slip and fall. In conclusion, victims of slip and fall accidents should get just compensation for their losses. We will ensure that your slip and fall claim is handled correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A contingency fee retainer implies that we won’t be paid unless you do. Typically, contingent fees are assessed as a proportion of the client’s financial gain. The recovery percentage ranges from 20% to 33%.

The Limitations Act of Ontario establishes a general filing date for personal injury claims. The fundamental limitation period established by this Act is two years, meaning claimants must file their lawsuit within two years of the date of the loss.

Plaintiffs receive 70% of their gross weekly income, up to a maximum of $400 per week, every two weeks. To continue making the plaintiff whole, a settlement for vehicle accident benefits provides the plaintiff with a percentage of what they were earning before the accident.

If your claim is successful, a personal injury lawyers Vaughan may get a success fee to pay their general expenses. The success fee percentage is limited by law to a maximum of 25%. Thus, your attorney or solicitor can only keep up to 25% of your settlement.

When a lawyer is dismissed or withdrawn, according to Model Code Rule 3.7-9, the lawyer must give the client all papers or property to which the client is entitled. This need is subject to the attorney’s power to assert a lien.

The Defendant will usually be served with the complaint within 30 to 60 days after the lawsuit’s filing, and they will have 30 to 45 days to submit a response. In other words, it typically takes three months from filing your personal injury case until you receive the insurer’s initial answer.

You must pay the judgment amount if you lose your lawsuit in small claims court. You typically have 30 days to deliver. If you don’t pay within this window, interest will be applied. Even worse, your income or possessions may be taken.

The defined ceiling for non-pecuniary damages is close to $360,000, but only in extreme circumstances. The law will fully reimburse you for potential future income loss and care expenses.

The complexity and danger of the defence or claim are typically considered when calculating the “uplift” or “success fee” using a percentage. If the claim or defence is successful, the solicitors’ costs will effectively double because the maximum rate is 100%.

They may seek a court ruling before confiscating your late client’s assets or garnishing their salary. If the Defendant loses a case and has the funds to pay your payment, it will be paid whether they want it.

When it is practical, a lawyer must use reasonable steps to notify the client in writing of their intention to withdraw. The specifics of each case will determine whether the notice the attorney provided the client was adequate.


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Our team of skilled best personal injury lawyers has 40 years of combined experience serving Vaughan and the surrounding regions, and they are experts in everything from slip and fall accidents to severe brain injuries.

Our main objective is to return control to you. We are aware of the law’s complexity and that every case’s particulars are essential. We’ll assist you through the complex legal, medical, and insurance-related challenges so you can relax and concentrate on getting better.

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